Upcoming Speaking Events in London

I’m excited to be speaking at two events in London in June.

On June 2, I’ll be speaking at a conference on democracy and dissent in China and India called “Resistance and Accommodation in Tibet and Kashmir” with an intimidatingly impressive list of guest speakers including Arundhati Roy and Wang Lixiong. The conference is organised by Dr. Dibyesh Anand, University of Westminster, London.

My panel will specifically be on Tibet, see the whole programme on the conference site. Sadly Tenzin Tsundue won’t be joining after all but he will be replaced with another speaker.

Then as part of “Tibetan Fortnight” at University College London, I’ll be giving a talk on June 8 titled “The Virtual Sweet Tea House: Tibetan Voices in Cyberspace”. The programme for the fortnight looks great and it will be kind of weird to be speaking at UCL, which is where I did my undergraduate studies! See the whole programme on the UCLU European Society Website.

Hope to see some of you at either or both events!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Speaking Events in London

  1. Hi Dechen .. Lovely to meet you yesterday and listen to your interesting talk. I learnt a lot and found myself awakened by the possibilities of the ‘virtual’ Tibetan generation! Thanks for sharing some of what seems like a vast knowledge you have on the subject! Hope to meet again 🙂

    • It was great to meet you too and thanks so much for taking time out to come to the talk! We should definitely get together, there is still so much more to be said about the new online generation 🙂 Will email you another time! Take care.

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