Introducing the “Lhakar Diaries” Project

It’s so exciting to see young Tibetans in exile taking the initiative in an original and creative way to support the Lhakar (White Wednesday) movement that is taking place in Tibet right now.

Every Wednesday, a group of young Tibetans from USA, Canada, UK, India and beyond will be writing blogposts, making videos, basically documenting how they are asserting their Tibetan identity in their everyday lives. There is already an interesting post about Tibetan literature and a video on how to make Shapaley.

To see a project that involves young Tibetans thinking, writing, exploring their creativity and using the internet to express themselves is incredible and I look forward to every Lhakar from now to check up on how they are doing.

Check out the Lhakar Diaries site here:

More about Lhakar here:

And a post about Lhakar from Tibet here:

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