New Marc Jacobs Range for Tibet

Spotted in New York, a new Marc Jacobs range for Tibet. Marc Jacobs has brought out a bag and two T-shirts at $35 each and the proceeds go to

Marc Jacobs has been a Tibet supporter for a long time and was one of the first to join a project called the Tibetan Freedom Coalition in 1997, an initiative of the Milarepa Fund. That year for New York Fashion Week he printed limited edition T-shirts that read “FREE TIBET PLEASE.”

Here are a few photos of his new range:

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9 thoughts on “New Marc Jacobs Range for Tibet

    • I dont think hes ignorant ..Marc suports many social and world issues . Its just different culture .i guess the chinese people dont know wats the true freedom because they never had it.. just like free tibet ..u cant force people to be part of your country if they want to build up thier own country n culture .its like crime case that you lock someone in ur house ..its obviously breaking the law of human rights …

      • he’s not ignorant, MJ is just lack of knowledge and need to take a tutorial of the chinese history before he says anything. btw, tibet had already been a province of china 900 hundred years ago with 2 religious leaders, dalai lama is only one of them. im shocked ppl shouted loud to support dalai lama even don’t know the existing of the other religious leader, what a shame

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