A BoZhu interview with JustRecently

A mystery blogger that I regularly keep up with, JustRecently, has today published an interview with me that was carried out over the course of several email exchanges. Here is the link to the interview: http://justrecently.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/the-bozhu-interviews-the-tibetan-blogosphere-is-expanding-but-the-risks-remain-the-same/

The interview is part of a series compiled by JustRecently called the BoZhu interviews. As JR explains:

A blogmaster (博主, bózhǔ) is just a blogmaster (博客的主人, bókè de zhǔrén), explains the Baidu Encyclopedia (百度百科).

It’s a great idea for a series and I’m wondering how I can steal this idea and use it for High Peaks (!)

Here is a link to all the BoZhu interviews so far: http://justrecently.wordpress.com/category/interviews/

3 thoughts on “A BoZhu interview with JustRecently

  1. It wouldn’t be “stealing” anyway. And if every blog started to ask other blogs questions in an interview, it would only help to make the “blogosphere” a lot livelier, methinks. Of course, anyone may feel free to attribute the concept to me with a link (I didn’t invent the interview, but I invented the BoZhu interviews) 😉

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