Press Release: “Banned Expression in Tibet” Event in London to Highlight Tibet’s Creative Resistance

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Press Release, 20.06.2015

For immediate release

“Banned Expression in Tibet” Event in London to Highlight Tibet’s Creative Resistance

Exile Tibetans based in the UK will amplify the voices behind Tibet’s creative resistance at an event on 20 June called “Banned Expression in Tibet” which will be held at Kings Place.

The event will focus on the Tibetan singers, poets and writers who express themselves creatively at great personal risk. Through a programme of live musical performances, poetry readings and short talks, Tibet’s vibrant and defiant creative spirit will come to life.

“Banned Expression in Tibet” will be hosted by UK-born Dechen Pemba, editor of the translations website High Peaks Pure Earth, and-US born Kunsang Kelden, co-founder of the Tibetan youth blog Lhakar Diaries.

“For the past few years, Tibetan artists inside Tibet have been producing incredibly bold expressions of creative defiance in the form of songs, poetry and writings. It is our intention to amplify these expressions that come at a heavy price in Tibet. We are fortunate here in the UK to have talented Tibetan musicians and performers to support our fellow Tibetans and showcase their work”, said Dechen Pemba.

Ugyen Choephell, a Tibetan artist, poet and musician, said: “We Tibetans will never give up our Tibetan identity. This is the most powerful tool we can have and wherever we are, no one can take that away from us. That’s why I’m happy to perform at “Banned Expression in Tibet”, to express my identity proudly and to honour the artistry in Tibet today.”

Artists and performers will include Dechen Pemba, Kunsang Kelden, Ugyen Choephell and Youdon Aukatsang. The “Banned Expression” campaign is a joint project of High Peaks Pure Earth, Voice of Tibet and Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy.

“As Tibetan artists continue to be censored, repressed and imprisoned, it is important to create platforms for Tibetan artistic expressions round the world.”

Freemuse – world’s leading organisation advocating freedom of expression for musicians

Tickets: Tickets are priced £9.50 online:

Location: Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG

Kings Place Box office: 020 7520 1490

Available: Press tickets & interviews with the Tibetan artists

Contact: Dechen Pemba, Editor of High Peaks Pure Earth

EMail: hpeaks [@] highpeakspureearth [ . ] com

Facebook Page:


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