At the Oslo Freedom Forum

Moving Tibet Testimony at the Oslo Freedom Forum

Palden Gyatso Oslo 2

Norwegian Tibet Committee, Oslo, 20th May 2009: The Oslo Freedom Forum concluded today with testimonies given by human rights defenders from all over the world. Palden Gyatso’s testimony about his experiences as a political prisoner in Tibet for 33 years moved the distinguished crowd gathered in Oslo’s famous New Theatre.

Palden Gyatso’s testimony was translated simultaneously by Dechen Pemba, a UK born Tibetan. “The conference participants commented on the moving translation and how emotionally connected it made them feel to Palden Gyatso’s story,” said Chungdak Koren, Executive Director of the Norwegian Tibet Committee.

“Meeting human rights defenders from countries as diverse as Bolivia, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea, I feel inspired to continue my work for Tibetan freedom – and with a heightened sense of awareness for other struggles.” said Palden Gyatso.

Media coverage of the Forum focused on Palden Gyatso with articles and interviews published by all major national news outlets. “The Norwegian media has paid special attention to Tibet over the past two days, the support is extremely touching and valuable.” commented Dechen Pemba. “I look forward to sharing my own experiences at the closing ceremony of the Forum this evening.” she continued.

Over 100 participants of the Oslo Freedom Forum signed a petition calling for the release of detained Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi.