My Profile in Radio Free Asia’s e-Book “It’s Not OK: Women Struggling for Human Rights”

RFA Its Not OK Portrait

Illustration by Steve Fuchs

Happy International Womens Day! I’m thrilled to be able to post today about an exciting new e-Book that has been compiled by Radio Free Asia called “It’s Not OK: Women Struggling for Human Rights”.

The e-Book is the second edition of “It’s Not OK”, profiling the lives, work, and sacrifice of women from Asian countries and regions under authoritarian rule taking up the fight for human rights on their families’ and communities’ behalf. I am honoured to have been included in the profiles, here is the link to mine which is titled “Stars On A Sunny Day”:

Thank yous go to Tenzin Tethong la and Dan Southerland at RFA and an extra big thank you to Catherine Antoine, Managing Editor at RFA Online, for interviewing me and for all her work on this project.

The e-Book is actually a whole multi-media project with a great website, videos, illustrations and fascinating, even if tough, stories from all over Asia, well worth checking out all of it! The book is available for free on the iTunes Store and Google Play.