Media, Interviews and Online Writings

Media Mentions and Interviews



      • Phayul | Tibetan vlogger’s death sparks domestic violence debate |
      • Phayul | Tibetan group pushes for more informed electorate ahead of general election |
      • Scroll | “Exiled and distanced from its home, Tibetan writing has long reflected the spirit of the pandemic” |
      • Wired | “How a Chinese AI Giant Made Chatting—and Surveillance—Easy” By Mara Hvistendahl |
      • Asymptote | Weekly Dispatches from the Front Lines of World Literature |


      • Voice of Tibet | “Women of Tibet: Dechen Pemba, Blogger and Editor of High Peaks Pure Earth”
      • Civic Hall | Language Biases in Tech: A Full Stack Problem By An Xiao Mina |


      • “It’s Not OK: Women Struggling for Human Rights” | Stars on a sunny day


      • The Horniman Museum Blog | A Tibetan gathering at the Horniman
      • Index on Censorship | Chinese tourists are inadvertently reporting on the Tibetan struggle




8 July 2008, Arriving at London’s Heathrow Airport


My Writings Online


      • Global Voices | For stateless and scattered Tibetans, a new online tool helps voters make an informed choice (Article translation) |


      • Tibetan Review (with co-writers Georgina Choekyi Doji, Tenzing Zega, Kunsang Kelden and Sonam Anjatsang) | Pah-La – A Shallow and Confusing Examination of Tibetan Non-Violent Resistance |





      • Global Voices | Braving High Risks and Heavy Censorship in China, Tibetan Musicians Sing Their Love for Tibet |
      • Freemuse | Tibet/China: Artists have to tread an incredibly fine line |


      • Rising Voices Getting Offline for Digital Security: Working with Tibetans in Exile |
      • Cerise Press Conversing with Clare Harris, Author of The Museum on the Roof of the World |


      • Cerise Press | An Eye from History and Reality — Woeser and the Story of Tibet |



      • I Heart Tibet | The Virtual Sweet Tea House: An Overview of the Tibetan Cyberspace |


      • Committee to Protect Journalists Blog | The story of Dhondup Wangchen, filmmaker jailed in China| 

7 thoughts on “Media, Interviews and Online Writings

  1. Dear Dechen,

    I am an editorial assistant working at DK Travel Guides and I am looking for a factchecker to check the Tibet chapter of our guide to China plus the relevant hotel and restaurant listings. I wonder whether you or a friend would be interested and, if so, whether you could get back in touch with me? The factcheck is due to commence on 31st July 2013 and due to be completed on 4th September 2013. As a result it would be great if you could get back in touch with me as soon as possible – we can discuss the project more thoroughly and in private!

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    All the best

  2. Dear Deche Pemba,

    I see from your blog that you have extensive experience in Tibet. GoAbroad is currently seeking Teach/ Work/ Study/ Intern/ Volunteer Abroad Expert interviews for our site. I would love to interview you to enhance the information available to our users and feature your expert knowledge.

    The interview would be via email so you can take as long as you need to answer the questions and reply. Please let me know if you would be open to answering some questions for me and I will forward an interview about your travel experiences in Tibet within a week. The interview will include a link to your blog. averages approximately one million visitors per month.

    Thanks for your time, we look forward to hearing from you.


    Maima Faith Merin
    Content Administrator
    GoAbroad — The Resource for Meaningful Travel

  3. Dear Dechen la,
    i`m LIV from germany. Last week i have finished the book “Idols on the path” by Tsewang Pemba in a german version.
    For me, the last chapter is very interresting, where Kunga Rinpoche explain Rinzing some philosophical details out of this old manuscript, which is called (in german) “Gaukelspiel des Vergänlichen”. My english is not very good. I trie to translate in english, may be:”jugglery of transience”.
    I feel a deep resonanz to this explanations, and so i asked me, if this manuscript is real existing?
    There are many facts in this book, wich happened in reality.
    I starded to search for informations in the www and was sad to recongnize the death of Tsewang Pemba, so I can not aske him directly.
    But now i`m happy to find your blog. Can you help me to answere this question? May be you have some informations, or you know people who i can asked ?
    Thu dsche tsche
    and tashi Deleg

    • Dear LIV, Thank you for your comment. I will take a look at the book sometime this week. I will email you the English translation! Uebrigens, ich verstehe auch deutsch, ich habe Germanistik studiert 🙂 Dechen

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