Upcoming Events in Copenhagen

It’s already that time of year again, last year for March 10 I was in New York, this year I’m going to be in Copenhagen at the invitation of Tibet Support Committee, Denmark. On Saturday I’ll speak at a rally organised by Students for a Free Tibet Denmark and then give a public talk at 4pm. The details for the public talk are here: http://www.husetmagstraede.dk/Default.asp?id=1&event=10556

Then on March 13, I’ll be taking part in a panel discussion about Tibet along with Robbie Barnett at Politiken at 4:30pm.

Looking forward to visiting Denmark again, the only time I was there before was 12 years ago on an Inter-rail trip when I was young!

“An Eye from History and Reality”: My Interview with Woeser La on Cerise Press

Last November and December I carried out an interview with Woeser La that focused specifically on her poetry and development as a writer. I had been asked by the arts journal Cerise Press to conduct this interview and I was grateful for the chance to ask Woeser La about her poetry, of which I am a big fan! To refresh my memory I happily re-read my copy of “Tibet’s True Heart” and also re-visited a review I’d written of it back in 2008.

Woeser La and I corresponded over email in Chinese and I translated her responses into English. Her responses were just amazing, so interesting and eloquent and turned my rather standard questions into something I just wanted to read over and over. I really hope that this interview gets people who know Woeser La only as a “dissident blogger” more interested in her poetry and fiction. The best thing that anyone could do would be to purchase a copy of “Tibet’s True Heart” and pass it on to their friends 🙂

So here is the link to the full interview on Cerise Press: http://www.cerisepress.com/03/09/an-eye-from-history-and-reality-woeser-and-the-story-of-tibet

Woeser La has also posted the interview on her blog, along with the Chinese original: http://woeser.middle-way.net/2012/03/blog-post_3466.html

One of Woeser La's earliest poems "Print — For Certain Prejudices", 1984

Finally I wanted to embed this video that was put together by the Prince Claus Fund and features footage filmed by Tenzing Sonam and Ritu Sarin in Beijing in 2008 for their documentary “The Sun Behind the Clouds”, seeing this also brought back a lot of memories about those busy few days we spent together!