Remembering my Late Uncle, Dr Tsewang Yishey Pemba

Dr Aghu la revisiting his old haunts at Victoria School

Yesterday was the funeral of my late Uncle, Dr Pemba, in Darjeeling. Dr Pemba passed away last Saturday, November 26. On that day, several members of his immediate family and I went to a Tibetan temple here in New York and offered butterlamps.

I am drafting an obituary and will post it when it’s ready but for now I wanted to post a short video clip of him in November 2009 when he was Chief Guest at the Speech Day of Victoria School, Kurseong. Dr Aghu la (as my brother and I call him) took me along with him that day and I got to hear many stories about his school days. That was my last trip to Darjeeling and also the last time that I spent time with him. I shall miss our conversations about literature and I have decided I will finally attempt to read “Ulysses” by James Joyce, his favourite book, in his memory.


13 thoughts on “Remembering my Late Uncle, Dr Tsewang Yishey Pemba

  1. Hello Dechen,
    My dad, Mr Kong Ma and his family felt deep sadness on learning of the passing of Dr Pemba la. Please accept our deepest condolences. Our prayers are with him and your family.

    My dad recalls attending the same school as Dr Pemba la and even as a young lad Dr. was representing his school in inter school debates and taking part in many intellectual events.

    As a child, I remember his visits to our home in Pheuntsholing whenever he was in town. We all respected and thought highly of him. He will always be remembered by us who has been touched by his goodness, kindness, gentleness and greatness.

    Kind regards,

    Milly Tseng (Ma)

  2. I remember Dr Pemba la. He was a very kind man and for many years offered his services free to us in the CST Darjeeling school. I also know for fact that he was very kind to indigent Tibetans who came to his hospital; they were never charged a dime and on many occasions provided free medicines also. Even when he was working in Bhutan, Tibetans there benefited from his services. He was a patriotic Tibetan and a great role model. I am saddened by his demise. I never had a chance to thank him for the medical cares he has given us and want to say Thank you Dr. Pemba la here. I offer my condolences to his family. To that “Anonymous” writer, I would say ask yourself what have you done before trying to discount Dr Pemba la. There was a long article in Tibetan News Paper printed in Darleeling praising Dr Pemba la for his service but I forgot the date and name of the paper now. Perhaps, the paper was called “Rawang Ranzen” or “Sheja”. I know it is no longer printed now.

    • Thank you Wangden la for your comment. My Uncle worked tirelessly to help Tibetan refugees, it’s ok, it doesn’t need the world’s acknowledgement, he wouldn’t have wanted it that way! Your memories speak for themselves, as do ours, of a warm, generous and compassionate man. I am not sure about this long article you mentioned but I will ask the rest of the family about it, thanks! All the best for the coming year, Dechen

  3. I have accidendently came accross on your name as was locating Late Dr.T Y Pemba. I had a long association with Pembas and his family members. I understand Lahmo is in USA and if you are in touch with her or her brothers, I would like to revive our friendship.Would appreciate if you could you please help.
    Thanks and regards
    Chatru Jhangiani
    My contact no. is +91 9830547349

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